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The cliff Kushma Bungee (Bungy) Jump is the second tallest Bungee jump in the world. Kushma Swing is the world’s highest Canyon swing. Kushma Bungee Jump structure is based on the gorge of Kaligandaki River that connects Kushma, the district headquarters of Parbat, with Balewa of Baglung via the 520 meters suspension bridge. the height of kusma bungee is 228 meters tall.

Quick facts about Kushma Bungee Jump by The Cliff Nepal

Venue NameThe Cliff Nepal
LocationKushma, Parbat
Bungee Height228m
Bridge Length520m
Bungee Freefall4.5 Second
Swing Freefall8.5 Second
Reporting Time 09:00 AM
Bungee Weight 

Minimum: 45Kg

Maximum: 100 Kg

Swing Weight

Minimum: 40 Kg

Maximum: 145 Kg

Couple Swing WeightMaximum 145Kg

Kushma bridge is also the longest pedesterian suspension bridge in the world.

This bridge can handle up to 200 tons of weight.  If the bridge is filled with people, it would weigh approximately 60 tons. However, the bridge can handle three folds higher weight than just 60 tons.

 The highest bungee jump is in Macau of China with a height of 233 meters but it is situated on the top of a building. Kushma Bungee Jump is well managed with a well-trained crew as well as professional rescue experts.

Salient Features of Bungy Jump in Kushma Parbat
  • The World’s second-highest Bungy (228 meters)
  • The World’s Highest Swing (228 meters)
  • The World’s highest and longest Sky Cycle
  • Giant Swing of Nepal
When opened Bungy Jump in Kushma Parbat?

The bungee jump and swing have opened in Kusama Parbat since 31st Oct 2020.

How long distance of Kushma Bungee Site from Kathmandu and Pokhara?

The Bungee Site of Kushma, Parbat is 262 Kilometers road distance from Kathmandu and 62 Kilometers from Pokhara. From this site Nayapul, the starting point of Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, and Khopra Danda Trek, is just 20 kilometers ahead.

Things to be noted before Bungee/ Swing
  1. Bungee Weight Max: 100 kg and Min: 45 kg.
  2. Swing Weight (Tandem) Max: 145 kg and Min 40 kg.
  3. Medical: Recent surgery, broken bones, asthma, dislocation, heart disease, high/low pressure, epilepsy, pregnancy, artificial limbs- the person who has any of these medical conditions please consult with your doctor before booking for Bungee or swing.
  4. For Bungee, wear proper shoes (sport shoes).
  5. No Power glasses (wear contact lenses).



1Bungee OnlyNPR (Rs) 7500
2Swing OnlyNPR (Rs) 7500
3Second JumpNPR (Rs) 3750
4Third JumpNPR (Rs) 2750
5Fourth JumpFree for the same jumper
6Tandem SwingNPR (Rs) 13000

Kushma Bungee Discount, Offer Price Note: If you intend to do Kushma Bungee repeatedly, in the second jump you will get a 50% discount on the price of the first jump. Likewise in the third jump, you will get a 64.28% discount on the price of 1st jump. If you again want one more, there is no fee to you. The fourth jump is totally free of cost.

For Activities Video and T-Shirt Extra: NPR (Rs) 1500


Individual Packages:
ActivitiesPrice (NPR)
Go & See (Round trip including Transport, entry ticket with any one mini activity or snacks)Rs. 1500
Kusma Bungy or Swing Day TripRs. 7500
Kusma Bungy and Swing Day TripRs. 11000
Kusma Triple Thrills Day
(includes three jumps, the 4th one is free for the same Person)
Rs. 14000

* inclusive 3 jumps, the 4th one jump is free for the same person.

Kushma bungee price for Duo Packages
ActivitiesPrice (NPR)
Kusma Tandem Thrill Day Trip
(Includes Tandem Swing)
Rs. 15000
Crazy Duo Day Trip
(Includes two single Bungy/swing & 1 tandem swing)
Rs. 27000

The above day trip packages include:

• Shared transportation from Pokhara Lake Side (Halan Chowk) to Kushma and from Kushma to Pokhara Halan Chowk (both ways)
• All Taxes

For Activities Video and T-Shirt Extra: NPR (Rs) 1500, 2000(for couple)


Just Chill:

ActivitiesPrice (NPR)
Deluxe Cottage Night Stay (Twin / Double)Rs. 8000
Deluxe Tent Night Stay (Twin / Double)Rs. 7000
Deluxe Tent Night Stay (Single supplement)Rs. 5000
Deluxe Cottage Night Stay (Single supplement)Rs. 5500
Deluxe Cottage Night Stay (Triple Sharing)Rs. 10500
Family Cottage Night Stay (4 person)Rs. 12500

Stay and Play

ActivitiesPrice (NPR)
Deluxe Tent Stay and Bungee/ SwingRs. 10500
Deluxe Tent Stay, Bungee, and SwingRs. 14000
Tandem Deluxe Tent Special (2 people)Rs. 19000
Deluxe Cottage Stay and Bungee/ SwingRs. 11000
Deluxe Cottage Stay, Bungee, and SwingRs. 14500
Tandem Deluxe Cottage Special (2 people)Rs. 20000

The above overnight packages include:

  • Meals (Breakfast) at our resort in Kushma
  • All Taxes

The above Overnight package prices do not include transportation. If you need a vehicle, Pokhara Kushma up and down on a sharing basis: NPR (Rs) 1000 Per Person.

Kushma Bungee Jumping Price for Nepali

BungeeNPR 7500 Per Person
SwingNPR 7500 Per Person


Bungee Package NamePrice Per PersonOptional Picks
Kushma Bungee Jump Rate for NepaliRs 7500Photo, Video & T-shirt
Kushma Bungee Jump Rate for ForeignersRs 7500Photo, Video & T-shirt
Second-time same day same bungee jumperRs 3750 
Third-time same day same bungee jumperRs 2750 
Fourth-time same day same bungee jumperFREE 

Activity Rates for The cliff kushma bungee and swing 2024

Bungy or Swing (Per Person)Rs. 7,500
Bungy and Swing (Per Person)Rs. 11,000
Tandem Swing (Per Couple)Rs. 13,000
Second JumpRs. 3,750
Third JumpRs. 2,750
Forth JumpFREE
Sky Cafe (Includes coffee or juice, food platter, video)Rs. 2,500
Sky Cycle (With Video)Rs. 3,000

All the activities are per person except tandem. Second , third and fourth jump is valid for 1 year from the date of first jump, and is applicable for same person

Video Package

Bungy or Swing (Per Person)Rs. 1,500
Bungy and Swing (Per Person)Rs. 2,700
Second JumpRs. 1,200
Tandem VideoRs. 2,000
Third JumpRs. 500
Fourth JumpRs. 500

Video package includes: Video, photos and complimentry Tshirt.

(Second video price is only applicable if you have bought the first video, like wise for third and fourth video doesn’t include tshirt.)


Kushma Bungee Booking

For booking you can contact 9843724104 and provide your names and payment.

Payment can be through Esewa/ Connect IPS/ Bank Transfer.

Note: The above-mentioned prices of activities and day trip packages cost will be valid till 15th Dec 2024.

“Dancing with gravity, and feeling alive.”
- Kushma bungee

Adventure Activities

Kushma Bungee jump

Experience the worlds second highest bungee in nepal.

Canyon Swing

Experience the worlds highest canyon swing in nepal

Tandem Swing

Experience the worlds highest tandem swing in nepal

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Why Kushma bungee?

There are several reasons why you might choose Kushma Bungee over other bungee jumping destinations.

  • Height: Kushma Bungee is the second highest bungee jump in the world, at 228 meters. This means that you will experience the ultimate adrenaline rush as you plummet towards the ground.
  • Location: Kushma Bungee is located in the beautiful Parbat district of Nepal, surrounded by stunning mountains and lush forests. This makes for a truly unforgettable experience.
  • Safety: Kushma Bungee is operated by a team of experienced professionals who ensure that your safety is always their top priority. You can rest assured that you are in good hands.
  • Affordability: Kushma Bungee is relatively affordable, especially when compared to other high-altitude bungee jumping destinations. This means that you can experience the thrill of bungee jumping without breaking the bank.

Overall, Kushma Bungee is a great choice for anyone looking for an unforgettable adrenaline rush in a safe and beautiful setting.

kushma bungee

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kushma Bungee jump is 228 meters high, making it the second highest bungee jump in the world.

The minimum age for the Kushma Bungee jump is 12 years old. The minimum weight is 45 kilograms and the maximum weight is 98 kilograms.

The cost of the Kushma Bungee jump is Rs. 7,500 per person. This includes the cost of the jump. For Photo,video and Tshirt you must pay Rs.15oo extra.

Kushma Bungee is operated by a team of experienced professionals who take safety very seriously. All equipment is regularly inspected and maintained. Before each jump, participants are given a safety briefing and a medical check.

You should wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. You should also wear closed-toe shoes.

On the day of your jump, you will arrive at the Kushma Bungee location and check in. You will then be given a safety briefing and a medical check. Once you are cleared, you will be fitted with a harness and a bungee cord. You will then be taken to the top of the jump platform, where you will have a chance to take in the view and collect your thoughts. When you are ready, you will step off the platform and experience the ultimate adrenaline rush!

  • Relax and breathe deeply. 
  • Don’t look down! 
  • Enjoy the experience!